Slurry Engineer

    Drilling Fluids Solutions (DFS) offers field services to support our customers in the slurry wall, hydro mill, and drilled foundation shaft markets. Slurry engineers test parameters of drilling fluids to verify they meet the criteria needed based off of subsurface ground conditions. And make recommendations based off of those test results to monitor for chemical interactions between the drilling fluid and the ground. Which can lead to damage to the surrounding area from over pressuring the formation leading to fractures and drilling fluid spills in the surrounding environment.
    Having a slurry engineer onsite ensures the project is matching the slurry to ground conditions and can quickly adapt to unforseen changes in soil conditions, should they occur. Drilling fluid engineers also manage annular pressures by maximizing design qualities of drilling fluid products, at the lowest possible viscosity.
    It is common when serious problems arise that help is needed for a few days, sometimes weeks. Often the contractor will request the engineer be present for the rest of the project. Whether the project owner is requesting it, or the contractor wants some back up, slurry engineers are here to support you and get the job done.
    Field service can be short or long term requests. Our experienced professionals can be cost effective in treating, avoiding problems and mitigating downtime, one of the most expensive costs of any project.
    Some of our clients utilize our field service group to overview the project, and make sure start-up is going well, and to troubleshoot any forseeable problems. When projects run into unforseen geology or differing site conditions, we are also called out. In most cases a project is already up and going when a mud or slurry engineer if requested on site.
    To troubleshoot a problem, most service calls last from a couple days to a week. This is our most common service, as it is required to have a mud engineer on site by some state governments and departments of transportation in various industries.