Project Design

    A well thought out plan and design is probably the most critical part of any project. Drilling Fluid Solutions (DFS) offers project design, mud and slurry design services. We will meet and collaborate with project managers and contractors to get an overview of the project.
    Which includes a thorough Geo-technical investigation to provide the values and data to calculate variables in construction. Including atterburg values, drag pressure, safe pull stress and earth pressure coefficients used to determine if projects are feasible. We will use our experience and expertise to point out problems we foresee that are site specific to the job and the client.
    If a higher level of expertise is needed, we have professional engineers that can sign off on design plans, offering the capability to keep all designs in one location for a project.
    With large rig HDD application, the drilling fluid costs tend to average 30% of a project, don't gamble with a bid without getting an opinion on what the project may require.
    In drilled foundation shafts, foundation slurry can range from 15 to 25% of a projects cost. Why take a chance of cost over runs or low profit margins, when this can be avoided with a project analysis.

What we do

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    For companies looking to expand into larger scale jobs, and want to remain competitive with the large players in the industry, or companies that are stepping up to bid for a large project. Drilling Fluid Solutions project design services can give you a professional opinion on the feasibility, fluid requirements, and fluid cost estimates needed for a project. A good project design can pay for itself, and save money.
  • Professional Engineering Capabilities
  • ¬†Over 20 Trenchless projects
  • Over 15 project designs since 2014.
  • Independent Review
  • HDD Design
  • Hydraulic Fracture Inadvertent Returns

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