Drilling Fluid Program

    What is a drilling fluid program?
    A fluid program is a estimate for a project of the total volume and cost associated with the drilling fluid for a project. It is a great tool to be utilized for a project bid. With drilling fluids in various forms making up 15-25% of a total projects cost, a rough estimate is great to start with before you put in a bid. To put together a accurate drilling fluid program we need the geotecnical reports/soil reports (if available) and some project details on dimensions and scope of the job. We take it from there and take into account the final hole volume, the local geochemistry from geotecnical reports (if available), TCV (total circulating volume), and recycling capacity. Five basic mud properties will be defined including: rheology, density, fluid loss, solids content, and chemical properties. Which will all be used to calculate the volumes and costs needed to complete the job.
    When we work on the fluid program, we take into account factors such as geological problems you may encounter, fluid losses, how many possible ream passes needed, and underground water dilution if possible. This can be useful to really zone in on a actual cost estimate for a large project or for when contractors wish to step up to bigger projects for themselves.
    This service can usually be accompanied with 1 free day of field service to get the job up and running as successfully as possible.
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