Project Design

We will consolidate data from Geo-technical reports and, if needed, meet with project managers and estimators to recommend a fluid program for the project based on the agreed upon Geo-techs. This is one of our most popular services and is a great option for companies looking to step up and take on bigger projects then they have before. Contact us today to get your pre-bid meeting arranged.

HDD Fluid programs

Fluid Programs

We will put together fluid programs based on Geo-technical reports and crunch the hard numbers for you, showing volumes needed to complete the job.
We take into account factors such as geological problems you may encounter, fluid loss, total solids for disposal, how many possible ream passes needed, and underground water dilution if possible.

Field Service constultant

Field Service Engineering

At the client's request we can send out an engineer to overview the project, to make sure the start-up is going well and troubleshoot any foreseeable problems. In most cases a project is already up and going and we are requested on site.
Most field service calls include mud/slurry training to educate the crew members, or the entire crew, enhancing their efficiency and adding value to the crew to handle more complex jobs on their own.