Optimum Solids: % by volume = [Mud Weight (lb/gal) – 6]32

Approximate Capacity of Open Hole: Diameter (in)2 = bbls/1,000 ft

Buoyancy Factor = 1 – [Mud Weight (lb/gal) x 0.015]

Volume of Cylindrical Tank:

[Diameter (ft)]2 x [depth (ft)] x 0.1399 = volume in bbls (x 42 = gals)

Volume of Rectangular Tank:

length (ft) x width (ft) x depth (ft) x 0.1781 = volume in bbls

Displacement of Metal in Pipe:

Weight of pipe (lbs) x 0.03638 = bbls/100 ft

Fluid to Soil Ratio

The fluid to soil ratio is very important. The soil encountered must be put into a

flowable slurry so that the bore is ready to accept the product line.

Note: The ratio must be at least 1:1. Changes in soil may cause that ratio to increase.

> Non-problematic/non-reactive soils, rock 2:1

> Sand, gravel, cobble, and rock mixed with clay 2-3:1

> Clay or reactive shale 3-5:1