Wetlands Mitigation HDD

Steger, Illinois



    DFS was contacted for a horizontal directional drill project. The project had been having problems wit unknown geology and was encountering fractures of glacial till (clay) and the drilling fluids had to be adjusted on the fly. The project was 3,800 feet long, DFS was contacted for the final 48" ream pass because the project was behind schedule and needed to be completed so tie-ins could be done before the approaching early winter in North Illinois.
    DFS took the 2nd position on the project as another fluids engineer had been on site since the beginning.



  • Project ran 24 hours, to get back on schedule as much as possible.
  • Project was completed successfully, and within 2 weeks of projected completion.
  • Appropriate mud programs were already written for the project, had meeting with other fluids engineer to adjust parameters for more effective mud properties.
  • Increased production running 2 shifts.
  • Enhanced mud program cut downtime by estimated 28% saving 3 days of production.