St Louis Water Reclamation

Slurry drilled shaft
drilled caisson bucket
slurry drilled shafts

St. Louis, Missouri



    DFS was contacted by a contractor regarding a ongoing project in St Louis, Missouri. The contractor needed to drill multiple foundation shaft for a water reclamation project overhaul for the city of St Louis along the shores of the Mississippi River. Geotechnical reports showed the top 50 feet of the shaft consisted of fill from a previous building that was on the location. Sands and silts were below the top 50 feet. Slurry was utilized for its cost effectiveness and hydro-static head pressure to maintain hole integrity and its ability to be unaffected by chemical deterioration from the fill that was to be encountered for the first 50 feet . The shaft diameter was 12 feet, and 152 feet deep. Casing was used for the first 10 feet of the shaft to build head pressure and we were successful in accomplishing the project with in schedule and budget.



  • Built a slurry program based on the geotech reports. 
  • Mixed and added a high viscosity slurry to maintain head pressure and maintain hole integrity with groundwater and silts.
  • Drilled shaft was able to be accomplished within schedule and budget.