Ocean Levee and RR Tracks Crossing

Encinitas, California



    DFS was contacted regarding a project on the coast in Encinitas, CA. The project involved a highly sensitive area and involved drilling in a parking lot of a local beach with high visibility to the public. With a 70 foot elevation difference from entry to exit. To complicate things more the project was installing a sewer line under a very active railroad line, and the infamous highway 101 (coastal highway).


  • The mud program was adjusted on the fly to counter salt water contamination.
  • 1 frac out was encountered, but was hindered with a pill and plugged off the following day. Resulting in only a minor escape of mud into the levee.
  • Project experienced zero downtime related to the drilling fluids.
  • The project was completed efficiently, although it took longer than anticipated, it did not hinder the project schedule.