I-5 Parallel

San Diego, California



    A contractor contacted DFS regarding a bore that was scheduled to start the following week in San Diego, along interstate 5. One previous bore had already been completed by the contractor on the same pipeline, and mud chemistry was proving to be a substantial problem. The area along I-5 during construction was heavily limed, and mixed with natural clays. This was drastically increasing mud and disposal costs for the overall project. We were brought onsite for some education and training of the crew members and to help with the chemical interactions of the drilling fluid. No geotechnical reports were provided for the project, but the road boring crews had given us insight into what to expect.


  • The mud program was adjusted on the fly to counter unknown geology.
  • No frac outs were to be tolerated.¬†
  • The project had a 80% reduction in disposal costs compared to the previous bore on the same project.
  • The project was completed efficiently, although it took longer than anticipated, it did not hinder the project schedule.