HWY 215 Overpass

Tuscaloosa, Alabama 



    A foundation contractor had contacted us concerning a project that was behind schedule, and had been stalled for 2 weeks. They had originally planned to drill the holes dry, but encountered more groundwater then expected along with heaving sands. This was the first project that Alabama DOT had used foundation slurry on. Shafts were 5 feet in diameter and 97 to 105 feet deep. 


  • Built slurry program based on the known geology and work site pictures of pilings. 
  • Setup slurry bubbler system to obtain maximum yield and higher viscosity from the slurry product.
  • Got project back on track from delays, and was finishing 1 production shaft per day.
  • Active railroad tracks were 15 feet from the shaft locations and cave-ins were to be avoided if at all possible.