High Speed Train

Madera, California



    DFS was contacted by a contractor regarding a project in Madera, CA for the high speed railway. After reviewing the geotechnical reports, a slurry program was put together and presented to CalTrans for approval on the caissons. ground conditions consisted of almost all sand with some gravel and cobble. The caissons were 12 feet in diameter and between 110 and 165 feet deep. Slurry was the preferred method and proved to be the most cost effective. 


  • Slurry was suggested to prevet cave-ins due to heaving sands. 
  • Bubbler systems were built and general overview of the slurry system provided to maintain the highest yield of product.
  • Slurry proved to be more cost effective then casing for the diameters need of the projects caissons.
  • Slurry consulting was provided along with slurry programs for the success of the project.