Caisson Slurry Training

Tampa, Florida



    DFS was approached for a 2 part project.
    The contractor had purchased a new foundation drilling rig, the first one for that office location. And had won the bid for some upcoming drilled shaft work.
    Part 1: They wanted some bentonite slurry training. Utilizing a local yard they did a dummy shaft with the same dimensions as the upcoming project shafts.
    part 2: On the project site they requested more field service to get the project off to a smooth start, and be there for the first few production shafts.  


  • Provided bentonite slurry training on: mixing, testing, and general chemistry. 
  • Went over general operation of the 3500 gallon slurry recycling system
  • Was on site for both parts of the project to adequately train crew for varying types of ground conditions. 
  • Built a slurry program for the upcoming project based on the geotechnical reports showing ground conditions consisting of sand, limestone and gravel.
  • Provided field support for the project production shafts, to keep the job on schedule and within budget.