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About Us:

Drilling Fluids Solutions was founded in 2014 with the idea of providing high quality services without the tie downs and restrictions of using a particular brand. So far we have succeeded with this business model. We have found that too many companies confuse their clients with their mud products and try to restrict them to only using their brands and services. We are not associated with any particular mud or slurry brand, and have extensive experience with all the major brands. We hire experienced mud engineers and teach thorough mud schools to our customers without all the pressure of product names. We teach it straight from the books by the actual ingredient, and not by the branded name.

Cetco Suspend-It, Baroid No-Sag, Mi Swaco Super-vis, Wyo-ben borzan are all the same thing - XC polymer. Why confuse your clients with a list of varying product names, which can only hinder them from doing their job? This is the foundation of our work and has won many customers over to our services when their mud company has dropped the ball on them.

Whether you are in horizontal directional drilling, foundation shafts, hydro mills, or slurry walls, we have you covered. We have experienced staff to answer all your questions and be there until the job is done.

Mission Statement:

We strive to create value added solutions for our customers through innovative techniques and to rectify the most challenging civil and geotechnical problems in the world.


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What we do

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We aspire to grow our organization by expanding our suite of services to create long-term customer partnerships. We embrace advancing technology and continuously expand our technical capabilities to meet the challenging problems facing the industries we serve.




  • Safety:

    Protecting the health and safety of every employee is our top priority and is the foundation of our success. We incorporate safety and risk management procedures into our daily operations and ensure integration throughout the entire DFS organization. 

  • Integrity:

    We act with honesty, fairness, respect and safety, furthering a culture of unquestioned integrity. 

  • Strong Work Ethic:

    Our strong work ethic is derived from our safe work practices, integrity, technical expertise and consistent performance.

  • Innovation:

    We continuously diversify our skillset and develop proprietary techniques that address the complex problems within the stringent environments and industries we serve.

  • Exceptional Performance:

    We aim to exceed our customers expectations in order to provide the best value and be the best in our industries.

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