Drilling Fluids Solutions

Drilling Fluids Solutions

Drilling Fluids Solutions

Drilling Fluids Solutions was founded in 2014 with the idea of providing high quality services without the tie downs and restrictions of using a particular brand. So far we have succeeded with this business model. Specializing in trenchless technology, Drilling Fluids Solutions (DFS), is a premier drilling fluid consultant and technical services company. Providing mud/slurry engineering, project design, mud training, and fluid program services to some of the top companies in the world. We serve a broad range of industries including: horizontal directional drilling, foundation drilling, direct pipe, slurry wall, microtunneling, and tunnel boring machine. We have an experienced crew on board that brings years of experience to the table from all industries and from multiple companies, bringing together the best the industry has to offer.

Why Choose DFS

DFS contracts with several small and medium sized mud companies to provide services as needed when they can't meet the needs of their customers. We also have our own client base in several markets across North America and internationally.
Our drilling fluids engineers can provide multiple references in all of our fields upon request. With our extensive background in both mud and slurry engineering and general consulting, we are continuously called upon to aid on projects by both drilling contractors and mud companies.
As a premier technical services company we focus on helping our clients solve their large, complex problems by leveraging our extensive industry and project experience. Whether it is a 6,000 ft HDD bore in New Mexico or a 144" wide vertical foundation shaft in California. We have the experience and references to get the job done. We have helped our clients avoid downtime costs and save hundreds of thousands in project costs over the long run.
Specializing in:
• Drilling Fluid Consultation
• Technical Services
• Project Design
• Mud Engineering
• Slurry Engineering

Trust one of the top technical service companies and let our team show you the difference DFS can make on your next project.


For a few days or for the entire project. We're here when you need the experts to get the job done and save on downtime.


We can help you from the start putting together fluid/slurry programs to estimate all costs, and a more competitive bid.

Fluid Programs

We'll do the math for you for fluid volumes and losses to estimate the project costs even including disposal.